ByZachary Bori Gisiri

Former Kenya Cup top tier side Eldoret RFC has secured a sponsorship deal with one of the leading garment manufacturing industry in East and Central Africa, Ken-Knit Limited.

Confirming the new deal to our reporter, club Chairman Ali Mbaraka said that the new deal will go a long way in boosting the team, to get back to the top tier Kenya rugby league.

“Yes, I can confirm that we have landed a sponsorship deal with Ken-Knit and at the moment things are moving on very well,” confirmed Mbaraka.

The chairman further said that Ken-Knit have been closely working with the club before even the start of their 2014/2015 nationwide Rift Valley league; supporting them financially in small bits to enable them honour their league matches before this grand breaking deal now.

“Ken-Knit has been with us for some time now. In fact, they started supporting us before we started the 2014/15 nationwide league season campaign and they have now agreed to fully sponsor us,” he added.

When touching on the finer details of the whole package deal, Mbaraka said that they are in the process of finalizing everything and once all logistics are in place, they will communicate the same.

“I cannot confirm how long deal will last or how much is the deal by now because, we are putting our needs in order, make a budget for the whole season and if we make it to the Kenya Cup next season which we hope we will,” said the manager.

“It means our budget has to change because we will need to have two teams; one in the Kenya Cup and the other in the Erick Shirley Shield reserved league. So that is the reason I cannot confirm neither the duration nor the amount the company is willing to invest in us as of now,” he added.

He however, revealed that once everything is put in place and all modalities finalized, the deal will cater for everything, from salary pay outs to all other activities the club would have presented to their sponsor.